What is a User?

A user is a person (employee or designated representative) who uses a computer, mobile web ready device, or network service connection to access and manage your TRXio account.

Global User?

A Global User is a registered user with assigned access under the Anchor License. Except for Solo Subscription accounts, all other TRXio Global Users are assigned “user permissions and group profiles”, and are easily managed through a simple “define, select and configure setup process”, which includes settings for admin, manager, user, and most other common user profile types.

If you designate specific user profile setting and access for a particular user, that user can only access your TRXio account with the assigned and designated access you give them.  Each Team or Expedition Subscription comes with five (5) Global Users, and additional users can be easily added at anytime to the account.

Global Users within Solo Subscription accounts, can only be assigned and designated as “admin” user account settings and access (per EULA).