Vendor Purchase Orders

TRXio now has a full-function purchase order workflow feature that is designed to close the financial loop on purchasing and reduce the headaches associated with procurement.

This new vendor purchase order feature offers the following capabilities:

  • Create, review and submit vendor purchase orders directly to the vendor by email or via a printable PDF.
  • Credential-based approval process to submit VPO’s to vendors, so multiple people can create VPO’s. One person can choose to submit it.
  • New for receiving, the user simply has to verify the quantities and press the “receive and print” button and all of the labels for that VPO will be printed all at once. No more printing one product at a time.
  • Ability to quickly reserve and allocate items on initial receiving for a customer.

In the future, TRXio will offer the ability to view “items needed” for multiple orders or projects, select “items needed” by vendor and convert them to purchase orders, and receive VPO’s created and sync’d with QuickBooks Desktop and Online so purchase orders can be managed and filled in TRXio.

For more information on TRXio’s new PO feature, or for assistance with getting it set up on your TRXio system, please contact us at 844-868-7225.