What They’re Saying

“We are going to stop using your platform, simply because it tracks products too closely. In this industry- it is not what is right, or wrong, it’s what is politically prudent.” (concerning the tracking of medical and recreational marijuana products for sales tax purposes)
Former Colorado’s Head of the Department of Revenue

“Sebastian has been instrumental in this process. He is patient, knowledgeable and willing to rectify this issues I have had with the system promptly.”
Culver Equipment

“In the few months we’ve been using TRXio, it has given me the information that I need to make more informed decisions to improve the profitability of my business.”
John Senters,  President, Genesis Audio

“Before TRXio, we were using Excel and a custom ‘equipment log’ spreadsheet, but this was very cumbersome and prone to error. As sales volume increased, we needed a way to track equipment and parts through the job cycle. We would strongly recommend TRXio because of its ability to record and track inventory so precisely, and a support team that is one of the best we work with. One of the most amazing things we’ve seen is how the software package has grown in a very short time based on suggestions we’ve given. We’ve never seen another software platform update as fast as TRXio, and each update is stable, which is a necessity in the business environment. Cairnstack Software and TRXio has become the mark with which we judge other companies by.”
Rob Demeter, Octopus Yachts

“Support and technical staff at TRXio are great at understanding our needs and working through problems to make the system work as we envision. Now, we see even more opportunities to grow and TRXio will adapt to fit our evolving needs.”
Scott Mcknight, Operations Coordinator, Sound Oxygen

“I really thought TRXio was going to make my day longer. It turns out that it paid for itself within 40 days and now affords me more time to work with my customers.  Thanks TRXio.”
-Leonard, Santa Fe, New Mexico

“My industry is so complex that other software companies didn’t even want to talk to me.  For small parts and complex orders TRXio really keeps things organized and accurate.”
-Theresa, Eagle, Colorado

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