TRXio Team


TRXio Team Subscription

The Team Subscription is a full feature license version of TRXio designed for the professional and established business.  A Team Subscription is designed for one logical location or business use with a maximum of 200 internal locations.

The Team Subscription level includes five initial users and additional users can be added to the account at any time after account setup for a discounted rate. 

Team level Subscription are offered in both annual and monthly billing payment options to match your cash-flow needs.

Working with TRXio Team

With any team, it is vital to communicate effectively and efficiently throughout the day even if projects are geographically distant. Even though your personal relationships can’t scale, the culture of your businesses still can. Meaning the promises you make to your customers can be upheld even when your staff wasn’t on the initial conversation.
Showing change orders and tracking project additions are what creates profit and ensures the client knows what to expect. When was the last time the invoice was a surprise for the client and created animosity even though you had communicated the additions but out of context even the best clients are forgetful. The ability to show what products have been delivered and separately what has changed shows the client your team cares about providing everything that was promised.
Know your team is moving materials and assets inside and outside your business effectively. Spending time at receiving to link PO data and collect serial numbers, MAC addresses or configuration settings is far faster when all of that info is in one place at the same time just makes sense, in fact this simple change in data collection has been proven to save exponential time later in the products lifecycle.
When was the last time there wasn’t a record for a product specific accessory or maintenance tools that was needed that required an additional trip or having the resources available for every possibility?
Teams work best when all parties know what to expect from each other. TRXio has the reporting that isn’t available in your accounting platform and would be too complicated for a CRM or proposal tool.


Working with TRXio team

TRXio Team supports and works best for established businesses with five or more users (employees), that either manufacturer, distribute and or sell products; or a service business that has significant or specific inventory that needs to be tracked.  Some examples of Team type businesses may include:

- Retailer or Store

- Hotel and entertainment distribution

- Contracting or Repair Business

- Restaurant

- Childcare

- Salon or Spa

- Vehicle Service Center