Inventory traceability technology

Starbucks Implements Traceability Technology

Traceability tracks the movement of an individual item from its origin to the end of its useful life, offering data on who comes into contact it along the way. This allows businesses to know exactly where an individual product is at any given time, along with who is handling it. Since traceability is a key […]

Manage Inventory

Manage Your AV Inventory…Really, Really Well

We enjoyed Commercial Integrator’s recent article, “Follow These 5 Tips for Increasing Profitability in 2019,” which suggests ways for companies to prepare for a more challenging economy that may be looming on the horizon. The article recommends several ways for AV companies to increase profitability, including adding services revenue, effectively tracking time, finding upsell opportunities […]


TRXio Amps Up Customer Support

The TRXio team is committed to providing a reliable, predictable experience for our users. Through strong customer support and education, we strive to simplify the system for users to maximize productivity and prevent future issues. TRXio has amped up its client support team! We are pleased to announce the addition of James Poston and Justin […]

Inventory Management Technique - Manual Inventory

Inventory Management Technique: Manual Inventory

A manual inventory system is typically defined as tracking inventory without the use of computerized system, which typically utilize software, scanners, barcodes, real-time reporting, etc. A manual inventory system tracks inventory with a pen and clipboard, a stock book, or with an Excel spreadsheet. Manual inventory entails regularly updating inventory counts through physical counting on […]

Inventory costs

Inventory Costs: What are the Most Common?

There are many inventory costs, both direct and indirect. The most obvious inventory cost is the actual price you pay for individual items. However, there are numerous indirect costs associated with inventory that can significantly impact an organization’s bottom line. Here are a few examples of the most common types of costs associated with inventory: […]

Reduce "Go Back Trips" with Inventory Control

Eliminate “Go Back” Trips with Inventory Control

Don’t let one missing component impact a job! We enjoyed Henry Clifford’s article, “Rapid Improvement Plan: Doing The Job Right The First Time.” He describes his AV company’s “Rapid Improvement Plan,” which was designed to incentivize employees to eliminate frustrating, unbillable “go back” trips to Home Depot and Lowe’s. When they reviewed patterns, they began […]

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Inventory Control: Dead Inventory

Inventory Control: Hidden Cost of Dead Inventory The cost of carrying “dead inventory” can be high and burdensome to a business’s bottom line. Dead inventory is defined as inventory that isn’t selling, or even as expired pharmaceutical inventory or perishable products. It is estimated to cost the US retail industry $50 billion per year. Here […]

Seven Crucial Inventory Control Reports

Seven Crucial Inventory Control Reports

To effectively maximize your business’s health, efficiency and profitability, it is essential to continuously measure inventory performance by analyzing various inventory metrics. These metrics will serve as a guide to let you know where to make adjustments to your business operations and strategies. Here are seven crucial inventory control reports that are crucial to your […]

Inventory kitting

Inventory Management Technique: Kitting

Kitting, an often overlooked yet effective inventory management technique, works well for many retailers and wholesalers, especially in a lean manufacturing environment. Kitting, or product bundling, is the process of grouping individual but related items into one sellable item. IKEA is a retailer that is well known for inventory kitting. A good example of kitting […]

Accountability through Inventory Control

Build Accountability through Inventory Control

Build a Culture of Accountability in Your Organization Accountability is critical to the long-term success of any business since it decreases inventory loss, boosts profitability and increases profit margins. Without accountability, your employees may not be as diligent with company assets, or even fail to follow the most carefully devised business plans. There are several […]

Inventory management techniques - cycle counting

Inventory Management Technique: Cycle Counting

We realize that managing inventory can be a challenging, time-consuming task for many small businesses. And, trying to manually manage inventory can make it even more daunting. To ease small business inventory management, it is essential to conduct a manual, physical inventory control process, in addition to implementing a robust inventory management system like TRXio. […]

Need a Solution to Comply with the European Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD)?

TRXio: European Falsified Medicine Directive (FMD) Compliance

European Falsified Medicine Directive (FMD) If you distribute pharmaceuticals in Europe, you are likely aware that the European Falsified Medicine Directive (FMD) (2011/62/EU) takes effect on February 9, 2019. According to the European Commission, this directive, “helps manufacturers, wholesalers and logistics service providers within the pharmaceutical industry fight counterfeit medicines to improve patient safety.” One of […]


Asset Tracking Versus Inventory Tracking

The TRXio team is often asked what the difference is between asset tracking and inventory tracking? These terms are often used interchangeably, so they are the same thing, right? Wrong. Let’s start with some definitions of each term. Assets are items that your company owns, including equipment, computers, machinery, furniture and office supplies. Your assets […]

Tips for Inventory Management

Seven Tips for Better Inventory Management

As you set your business goals for 2019, make an immediate impact on your business by focusing on inventory management. Although good inventory management results in significant cost savings and increased profitability, many businesses fail to integrate it. As a result, they suffer from negative repercussions when it comes to long-term growth since poor inventory […]

What is Traceability?

Why is Traceability Important?

Traceability – an important word to your business that you may not hear often. What is traceability? And, why is traceability important? Traceability is the ability to track the movement of an individual item from its origin to the end of its useful life. Traceability also provides knowledge of who comes into contact with the item […]

Product traceability

Traceability: Reduces Loss and Improves Profitability

Why is Traceability Important? Companies are constantly looking for opportunities to increase profit per order. What is the most efficient way to do this? Product traceability allows organizations to accurately track and monitor their inventory and business functions throughout their supply chains. Item-Level Traceability Helps Identify Loss CEDIA, the international trade association and central touchpoint for […]

Inventory Control

Invest in an Inventory Control System in 2019

Planning Your 2019 Spending? Consider Investing in an Inventory Control System As you plan your 2019 budget, consider ramping up your R&D spending. Why? Many residential and commercial CE firms are not taking advantage of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service’s tax credit for research and development, which is specifically aimed at encouraging and rewarding investment […]

Inventory Control

Inventory Control = More Profitability in 2019

Happy New Year from TRXio! What is the fastest way to a more profitable 2019? The answer is simple. Inventory control. Multiple studies have revealed that regardless of industry, businesses lose or misplace 6% to 10% of their inventory each year, which greatly impacts profitability.  Through traceability, TRXio makes it easy to track, monitor and audit inventory […]

TRXio Vendor Purchase Order Feature

TRXio: New Vendor Purchase Order Feature

We are pleased to announce a full-function purchase order workflow feature for TRXio, designed to close the financial loop on purchasing and save time and reduce headaches associated with procurement. TRXio’s new Vendor Purchase Order feature offers the following capabilities to ease inventory management: View “items needed” for multiple orders or projects, then select items […]

Can Quickbooks Track Inventory?

Can QuickBooks Track Inventory?

Can QuickBooks Track Inventory? It can now! Move into the future with the latest and greatest version of QuickBooks – QuickBooks Online. While QuickBooks Online does not currently track item-level or serialized inventory, TRXio now offers this vital feature to transitioning to QBO.
 If you are considering to move your  business to the cloud and […]

Inventory Management Software: What Type Does Your Business Need?

Inventory Management Software: What Does Your Business Need?

Types of Inventory Management Software: What Does Your Business Need? What type of inventory management software does your business need?  A very important question. Since we realize that is a big decision to select the right inventory management software for your business, the TRXio team has put together a rundown that might help you. Industry […]


D-Tools and TRXio Host Webinar

D-Tools, Inc., the worldwide leader in data-driven system integration software, and TRXio, a state-of-the-art inventory management and asset-tracking solution for the AV industry, will host a webinar entitled “Improve Operational Efficiency with D-Tools and TRXio,” Jan 12, 2017 from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. EDT. The webinar will educate participants on how the new API integration between D-Tools […]


TRXio Announces Nationwide Presence with New Rep Firms

LITTLETON, Colo – September 6, 2016 —TRXio, an inventory management solution powered by Cairnstack Software LLC., that’s specifically designed for the AV industry, announces their new rep firms throughout the United States, including Bishop Audio Sales, Convergence Marketing, Inc. Brand Rep, High Note Sales, Mike Pecar Sales, Sales and Marketing Inc., Comprehensive Brands, Digital Sales Group, Performance […]


TRXio Forms Alliance with VITAL MGMT for Business Intel

LITTLETON, Colo – August 24, 2016 — Cairnstack Software LLC provider of TRXio, an inventory management solution that’s specifically designed for the AV industry, announces an alliance with VITAL MGMT, a proven provider of strategic business consulting for custom integrators. VITAL MGMT’s business intelligence system for custom integrators, Bi4Ci, will use the backbone and reliability of TRXio’s […]

Inventory Management

Inventory Control: Simple Steps for Success

Inventory Control No matter what process you use for inventory control, here are some steps to help you along: Set a protocol and clean up your database: The inventory software you purchase or create will be will be the base of your management. Educate yourself on how the system works and how your business is […]


Simply Reliable and TRXio Webinar

Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in a webinar with Tom Coffin and Chris Jaffe of Simply Reliable. It’s great to team up with Simply Reliable because our two companies soul goal is to help small businesses run their day-to-day operations efficiently. They do a great job of handling the proposal planning and management […]

Cloud Based Enterprise System

Can a Cloud Based Enterprise System Benefit Your Business?

Businesses, particularly manufacturers, are looking to the cloud for their enterprise resource planning. How can a cloud ERP help? There are many benefits to using a cloud based enterprise system in your business, including efficiency, cost savings, and increased productivity. Cloud Based ERP Benefits Enhanced Visibility – Cloud ERP helps to establish complete visibility of every stage […]

Inventory Turnover Ratio

Inventory Management Techniques: The Rundown

Inventory Management Techniques: The Rundown What are the different inventory management techniques? To properly manage operational costs and cash flow, selecting the right inventory management system is key. This is especially true for small businesses as proper inventory control is essential for growth and success. No matter what inventory management tool is used, the goals include […]


Three Tips for Better Inventory Management

Inventory Management Inventory management can make or break your business. Even though many business owners and managers find it complicated and confusing, following the fundamental principles of good inventory management can result in significant bottom-line savings. There are two fundamental principles of inventory management: You must have enough stock to meet market demands It must […]

Advantages of Cycle Counting

Advantages of Cycle Counting

Small entrepreneurs faced with limited resources can find various aspects of running a business challenging. Managing inventory manually and checking for inaccuracies can be an extremely time consuming task. While there are technology tools to help you manage inventory, including TRXio, it is also important to implement an in-house system of manual, physical stock counting. […]


What is Inventory Control?

Inventory Control In a service driven world, not every business has inventory. However, in the integration space, where we deal with products and equipment, most do. Inventory control is much easier for those who are only selling a few products. For those with a larger number of items to sell, manual inventory is simply out […]

Does QuickBooks Work for Inventory Management Software?

Is Quickbooks Good for Inventory Management?

Can QuickBooks Track Inventory? In short, QuickBooks is Great for Accounting but Terrible for Inventory Management Software Every business is looking for the perfect CRM, ERP, Project, and Accounting tool rolled into one easy solution that will meet their needs and the needs of their customers. Is there a product on the market today that […]