How does traceability help with recalls?

How Does Traceability Help a Product Recall?

Traceability Eases Product Recalls Manufacturers in many industries, including the AV industry, electronics, food, etc. are increasingly vulnerable to product recalls. Unfortunately, a product recall, either voluntary or involuntary, may have poor consequences, including a negative impact on your company’s brand and reputation, lost productivity, decreased customer loyalty, fines, or even a lawsuit. As a […]

Asset Tracking

NYC: Tracking Assets on a Large Scale

New York City Tracks Assets with RFID Tagging We enjoyed Johnathan Schino’s “AlleyWatch” article that discusses, “5 Ways New York City Has Embraced RFID Technology.” The article points out that, “in many industries, both private and public, RFID technology provides a huge benefit in keeping the city running smoothly.” It is a great example of […]