How does traceability help with recalls?

How Does Traceability Help a Product Recall?

Traceability Eases Product Recalls Manufacturers in many industries, including the AV industry, electronics, food, etc. are increasingly vulnerable to product recalls. Unfortunately, a product recall, either voluntary or involuntary, may have poor consequences, including a negative impact on your company’s brand and reputation, lost productivity, decreased customer loyalty, fines, or even a lawsuit. As a […]

Accountability through Inventory Control

Build Accountability through Inventory Control

Build a Culture of Accountability in Your Organization Accountability is critical to the long-term success of any business since it decreases inventory loss, boosts profitability and increases profit margins. Without accountability, your employees may not be as diligent with company assets, or even fail to follow the most carefully devised business plans. There are several […]

What is Traceability?

Why is Traceability Important?

Traceability Traceability – an important word to your business that you may not hear often. What is traceability? And, why is traceability important? Traceability is the ability to track the movement of an individual item from its origin to the end of its useful life. Traceability also provides knowledge of who comes into contact with the […]

Product traceability

Inventory Traceability: Reduces Loss and Improves Profitability

Inventory Traceability Why is Traceability Important? Companies are constantly looking for opportunities to increase profit per order. What is the most efficient way to do this? Inventory traceability allows organizations to accurately track and monitor their inventory and business functions throughout their supply chains. Inventory Traceability Helps Identify Loss CEDIA, the international trade association and central […]