Sound Oxygen Leverages TRXio for Improved Inventory Workflow

TRXio creates HIPAA compliant inventory traceability

Sound Oxygen provides industry leading durable medical supplies for respiratory issues such as sleep apnea. Starting off as a mom and pop oxygen supply company 14 years ago, the increase in sleep apnea diagnoses over the last seven years also increased demand for machines that required an oxygen supply. Sound Oxygen’s ventilator and CPAP machine business has grown exponentially ever since. There are now twelve locations serving Washington State, Northern Idaho, and Northeastern Oregon that leverage TRXio for their inventory management.

Helping patients live a better quality of life

Like most businesses, Sound Oxygen was manually tracking inventory in a system that wasn’t designed for inventory management. To fix their tracking problem, they decided to explore existing out of the box inventory management solutions available on the market. They only had two criteria: the system needed to be really easy to use & maintain and it needed to be accurate & timely. “When we first got in touch with TRXio, we decided to start from scratch,” said Shaun Owens, Warehouse Manager. Sound Oxygen had general requirements but didn’t know exactly what functionality and innovation was available in inventory management systems today. They also did have existing systems but needed separation at first that would allow them to quantify the system’s effectiveness as a stand-alone tool prior to integrating with their other systems.

First, for TRXio to be highly effective for Sound Oxygen, it had to integrate into workflows quickly without interruption. The transition and training had to be seamless. Sound Oxygen was pleasantly surprised with the smooth launch. The system was clearly well thought through and after Sound Oxygen and TRXio organized workflow specific training into manageable bundles together they conducted comprehensive training and onboarding processes to ensure everyone was ready to hit the ground running. Sound Oxygen’s own employees started training new hires on how to use the system after a week as though they’ve been using the system for years. “Support and technical staff at TRXio are great at understanding our needs and working through problems to make the system work as we envision,” Scott Mcknight, their Operations Coordinator said, “Now, we see even more opportunities to grow and TRXio will adapt to fit our evolving needs.” The partnership between TRXio and Sound Oxygen was off to a great start, but it was time to see results.

Once TRXio was integrated into their existing processes, flexibility was the next high priority item. They needed TRXio to track products in two directions: going out and coming back in. For a rental like inventory system, all they had to do was scan the QR code when it left and when it was checked back in. At each step in the process, they were impressed by the ease and speed of inventory tracking. Sound Oxygen’s leadership praised TRXio’s guidance, “Support is timely in response to questions, system updates, education, and support.” For them, sterling customer service was crucial, “Not only do we have more control over inventory, we also always know there is someone on the other side of the line who can help at a moment’s’ notice.”

As they grew, the priority of staying focused on patients meant that Sound Oxygen needed to improve efficiency. Inventory management was increasingly burdensome and distracting, so finding the right inventory management solution was a crucial part of their growth strategy. To scale while keeping patients in mind, Sound Oxygen needed an inventory management system that was easy to use while being flexible enough to adapt to their specific workflows. TRXio is their answer!

Most business decisions were decided in a matter of months, but since they’d be committed to an inventory management platform long-term, they spent their time diligently researching before settling on TRXio. Ryan Soules, Sound Oxygen’s President said, “The experience was very different from buying a conventional out of a box solution, where you get what you get. Everything turned out great because the system was a good fit from the start, yet TRXio is and continues to be flexible enough to expand to meet our ideas about what an inventory management systems should do.” Easy to set up and use, traceability, regulations compliance, easy to maintain, and flexible enough to adapt as needed.

The individual item traceability turned out to be a particularly valuable piece of functionality. They needed to keep track of each part sent out to patients without manual entry. Scanning improved efficiency, located equipment, and provided accurate, timely inventory information. The ease of use in the field coupled with the right information at the right time allowed patient care coordinators to remain focused on patients instead of glued to a screen. Duplication and manual entry was a problem of the past.

Improving bottom lines, improving outcomes

Everyone gained peace of mind with the rollout of TRXio. A simple, automatic snapshot report provides all the information they need about inventory without the need for manual recounts and a painful month-end process. Next up, the tracking information will become available to patients, so they’ll be able to find out where their machines are and look up educational resources about how to use and maintain them.

Sound Oxygen went through growing pains with their inventory prior to TRXio with duplication, manual entry, inaccurate information and lackluster control. After using TRXio for nine months, they are glad to say it was the only solution they needed to improve efficiency while in growth mode. Costs are under control, inventory loss is nonexistent and their bottom line has improved.