QuickBooks Integration

TRXio-QuickBooks Integration

Since integrations are an important part of our product offering, TRXio integrates with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online, allowing users to connect their established accounting systems to their inventory management processes. The TRXio-QuickBooks integration efficiently synchronizes customer, vendor, product information to limit or eliminate double data entry at all possible points in order to better organize valuable resources and assets.

TRXio’s integration with QuickBooks provides a workflow to:

  • Synchronize customers, vendors, invoices, and product information to limit double data entry.
  • Pull estimates from QuickBooks to create orders in TRXio for fulfillment
  • Push closed/completed orders from TRXio back to QuickBooks as invoices.
  • Create an item receipt in QuickBooks for received items, which completes the purchasing loop.
  • Generate separate reports from accounting reports to see what changes are needed in order to create an updated invoice.
  • Secure data by limiting QuickBooks access for personnel who do not require access to accounting reporting.
  • Track item-level or serialized inventory. QuickBooks Online does not currently offer this feature.

How does Trxio integrate with QuickBooks? 

TRXio automatically connects to QuickBooks Online to make real-time updates. Using the QuickBooks Desktop version is similar to downloading a check register from an online bank, as it needs a secondary program to run on the computer that houses the QuickBooks database.

For more information on the TRXio-QuickBooks integration, or to see a demo, please contact us at 844-868-7225.