The following is a basic outline of the steps and stages for initial setting up (onboarding) your organization with TRXio.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your new TRXio subscription includes two (2) 30 minute sessions, and organization can order/purchase additional support and training time for their particular needs, requirements and usage of your TRXio account. Additionally, your team can access a variety of FREE support tools that can assist you and your organization’s setup and usage of TRXio, which include access online presentations, video tutorials, and knowledge base learning (ZenDesk). Each customer can arrange and purchase additional setup and training support as needed, see offered services, packages and programs.

Review the rates for TRXio Training and Premium Services

Learn More Initial Two (2) 30 minute Setup and Training Sessions, can cover:

  1. Hardware and Equipment Requirements
  2. Labeling Requirements
  3. Initial Login and Setup
  4. Company, Organization and User profile setup
  5. Product and Item Entry
  6. Receiving Inventory
  7. Transferring Inventory
  8. Internal Movement of Inventory
  9. Transfer to Customer
  10. General questions (as time permits, provide information on kitting, bulk items, projects, orders, audits, reports, marketing through landing page, and much more).


In preparation for your initial two (2) 30 minute setup and training sessions, have the following completed, ready or addressed prior to session:

  1. Provide or have ready a desired flow or supply chain map for your inventory.
  2. Have your “admin and personnel” (who/whom) will use TRXio account attend the initial setup and training.


Review available support paths!

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