Octopus Yachts Standardizes TRXio for Simplified Inventory Management

TRXio creates efficient serialization, tracking and asset management for custom marine electronics installer.

Octopus Yachts – a leading installer for custom marine electronics – has standardized TRXio’s inventory management and asset tracking software to keep a detailed history of unique items and history of its movement to better serve high end pleasure vessel owners and small commercial vessel operators. Based on the New Jersey coast, Octopus Yachts, tracks nearly a quarter of a million dollars of inventory, including GPS, chart plotters, radar, sonar, audio, video and more, with TRXio powered by Cairnstack Software.

Octopus Yachts had spent a great deal of time looking for an inventory management and asset tracking software to allow them to spend less time tracking products and more time working on their customer’s installations,


TRXio has helped to improve communication between outside technicians, those inside the office and different departments to allocate which parts are assigned for a particular job, “We love the ability to track each part as a unique item and keep a detailed history of its movements. We have looked at other inventory systems and nothing else is as thorough,” said Demeter. “A typical SKU based system does not account for the nuances of each unique piece of equipment we handle such as serial number, date in, software version loaded, and configuration. All off these parameters can be different on the same item for us, and we need to reference those parameters often. With almost every other package we looked at, something as basic as serial numbers was an afterthought that required a ‘workaround.’ With TRXio, each items’ uniqueness is built right in to the software’s core. We strongly feel that TRXio performs in a way that no other system can accomplish.”

As an early adopter of TRXio’s software, Octopus Yachts has experienced the immense progression and enhancements that have been implemented. “We’ve seen more improvements with each update and TRXio is probably one of our most important software tools now. Our next step is giving all of our technician’s access to TRXio in the field,” said Demeter. “We would strongly recommend TRXio because of its ability to record and track inventory so precisely, and a support team that is one of the best we work with. One of the most amazing things we’ve seen is how the software package has grown in a very short time based on suggestions we’ve given. We’ve never seen another software platform update as fast as TRXio, and each update is stable, which is a necessity in the business environment. Cairnstack Software and TRXio has become the mark with which we judge other companies by.”

We might stock 50 of them and they don’t have serial numbers, but each one still needs a QR code for the system to function. It’s not as simple as a traditional SKU system but the effort put in is worth it.”


By standardizing inventory management and asset tracking in TRXio, it has created a more efficient and effective approach. Octopus Yachts has fully adopted TRXio, even adding QR codes to equipment used on installation, “Being able to locate exactly what we have and where it is helps immensely in checking stock and in placing orders. Being able to see historical details about items saves time on warranty registrations, invoicing and future service and warranty work,” said Demeter. “We’ve also assigned QR codes in TRXio to our tools, and on several occasions this has led to the return of an extension cord or drill that was left at a boatyard. Someone found the tool, scanned the QR code, and called us up to let us know they found it!”

TRXio continues to update software, rolling out new enhancements and partnering with other players in the AV industry to create a more robust, reliable solution for custom installers. Specifically designed for the AV industry, TRXio provides a unique approach to inventory management and asset tracking, “As a former integrator, I saw a need for a software that allowed custom installers to keep track of their products during the entire lifecycle, including after they’re installed,” said Reid Hanson, president and founder for TRXio. “When Octopus Yachts registered as a TRXio user, I worked with them hands-on during the first demo and we continue to provide them with sales support, located in-house at our headquarters. We’re honored that Octopus Yachts understands the power of our software and we’re pleased have them as one of our valued customers.”