Why is GAFA Killing the AV Business?

 Why is GAFA Killing the AV Business? I often hear integrators say they are,”so busy.” This is statement is good for talking to your grandmother but it is worthless in real life.  In my experience “busy” people are ineffective people.  This attached graphic says it all.  With all the tools available to be more efficient […]

Succession Planning

None of us ever want to think of what will happen to our business or employees after we are gone. “Succession planning is kind of managerial task that company owners and general managers roll their eyes at, shuffle off to the side, and ignore to go work on something more urgent or exciting.” Lee Distad, rAVe Columnist (follow […]


Every Percentage Can Impact Your Bottom Line

When it comes to discounting prices or increasing costs by a couple of percent, many companies don’t really baulk. Most businesses, especially highly profitable ones, tend to just go with the flow on those kinds of things. We’ve often hear, “No biggie – we will give them a 5 percent discount,” or we’ve been told […]