Reduce "Go Back Trips" with Inventory Control

Eliminate “Go Back” Trips with Inventory Control

Don’t let one missing component impact a job! We enjoyed Henry Clifford’s article, “Rapid Improvement Plan: Doing The Job Right The First Time.” He describes his AV company’s “Rapid Improvement Plan,” which was designed to incentivize employees to eliminate frustrating, unbillable “go back” trips to Home Depot and Lowe’s. When they reviewed patterns, they began […]

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Inventory Control: Dead Inventory

Inventory Control: Hidden Cost of Dead Inventory The cost of carrying “dead inventory” can be high and burdensome to a business’s bottom line. Dead inventory is defined as inventory that isn’t selling, or even as expired pharmaceutical inventory or perishable products. It is estimated to cost the US retail industry $50 billion per year. Here […]

Seven Crucial Inventory Control Reports

Seven Crucial Inventory Control Reports

To effectively maximize your business’s health, efficiency and profitability, it is essential to continuously measure inventory performance by analyzing various inventory metrics. These metrics will serve as a guide to let you know where to make adjustments to your business operations and strategies. Here are seven crucial inventory control reports that are crucial to your […]

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Invest in an Inventory Control System in 2019

Planning Your 2019 Spending? Consider Investing in an Inventory Control System As you plan your 2019 budget, consider ramping up your R&D spending. Why? Many residential and commercial CE firms are not taking advantage of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service’s tax credit for research and development, which is specifically aimed at encouraging and rewarding investment […]

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Inventory Control = More Profitability in 2019

Happy New Year from TRXio! What is the fastest way to a more profitable 2019? The answer is simple. Inventory control. Multiple studies have revealed that regardless of industry, businesses lose or misplace 6% to 10% of their inventory each year, which greatly impacts profitability.  Through traceability, TRXio makes it easy to track, monitor and audit inventory […]

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Inventory Control: Simple Steps for Success

Inventory Control No matter what process you use for inventory control, here are some steps to help you along: Set a protocol and clean up your database: The inventory software you purchase or create will be will be the base of your management. Educate yourself on how the system works and how your business is […]


What is Inventory Control?

Inventory Control In a service driven world, not every business has inventory. However, in the integration space, where we deal with products and equipment, most do. Inventory control is much easier for those who are only selling a few products. For those with a larger number of items to sell, manual inventory is simply out […]