Inventory Questions for a Small Business

inventory questions for a small businessInventory Questions

When I was running my own A/V company, I was always thinking about what I could do to make my business run more efficiently and smoothly. Of course, I thought a lot about inventory control and how to best keep track of it and maintain appropriate levels. I did research and spoke with other business owners to get ideas.

These are some of the questions regarding inventory control that I ended up regularly asking myself:

  • What is your average inventory level?
  • How much slow moving or obsolete inventory do you have?
  • Do you ever delay receipt of material to keep inventory investment down?
  • Is there any inventory that you consistently run out of?
  • How often do you cycle count your inventory? How much variance do you have? What are the causes of the variance?
  • What measurements do you have that show how well inventory and orders are being managed?

These are questions that I think all inventory managers should be able to answer. I routinely asked myself these questions in order to help my business be more profitable and improve my inventory management techniques. As a developer of inventory management software, we have to consider these same questions when developing TRXio. Inventory management is a key part of getting any small business to run smoothly and successfully.

TRXio (pronounced “tracks-i-o”) is a scalable inventory management solution for any size organization and business. TRXio helps you organize inventory, create consistency and minimize costs while providing you accurate and real-time reports, analytics and data on the status and item detail of your products, inventory and equipment.

Learn how TRXio can help your business answer these important inventory questions for a small business. For more information, please contact us at 844-868-7225.

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Inventory Questions for a Small Business


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