Happy Holidays and Reflect on your Time

I enjoy these blog entries because it forces me to slow down and think. Too often, we find ourselves going non-stop from the time we get up until our heads hit the pillow at night. It can be difficult to find time between the daily demands of family and work for some contemplation and reflection.

As a small business owner, I think it is important to occasionally take time to analyze my business. It is helpful to take a step back and look at the company as a whole. This allows me to determine which areas need attention, or which direction we need to go in to best move forward. It makes it easier to see where we can save time and money.

It’s been an exciting year for us at Cairnstack. We have been spending time on expanding the company and moving into the AV industry. I had previously spent a couple happy decades of my career in the AV industry and it has been a welcome challenge getting back into it. We attended the CEDIA Expo this year, which was something I used to do every year and it was good to return. We won the Residential Systems and TWICE Best of Show award! We also won Technology Integrator EXC!ITE award. Moving back into the AV industry means I get to reconnect with many of the great people I’ve met during my career. I look forward to meeting more great people and working hard on new goals, and spending time with each of you in the coming year.

Wishing happy holidays to you and yours!

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