Genesis Audio Limited Utilizes TRXio for Reliable Inventory Management and Tracking

TRXio creates accurate tracking and accountability for custom audio and video installation company

Genesis Audio Ltd, a leading audio and video installer headquartered in the Columbus, Ohio area, has standardized their asset tracking and created detailed inventory tracking to better serve customers using TRXio. With their main showroom totaling over 7,000 square feet, plus a 7,500 square foot warehouse in a separate location and seven service and installation vehicles on the road daily, it’s crucial for Genesis Audio Limited to have an accurate inventory tracking system to manage over 40,000 pieces of inventory across all locations.

Genesis Audio Limited is trusted by their customers for providing them with high-end, innovative solutions for all residential and commercial needs, and uses brands such as Marantz, JL Audio, Martin Logan, Denon, Screen Innovations, Sony, Samsung, LG and more. Part of providing customers with the finest entertainment solutions is having the proper number of products in stock and available for installation. “We were drawn to TRXio’s inventory management and asset tracking solution because of the simplicity of the whole process,” said Senters. “Once we receive a product, we simply create a QR code and with LiveQR technology, scan and add it to our inventory. If a product leaves a warehouse, we’re able to include a detailed report for future use or if we ever need to pull up an item history, maybe for warranty or replacement details, we can. We use TRXio daily and spend at least 15 hours a week within the software for receiving inventory and checking our stock.”

TRXio continues to update software, rolling out new enhancements and partnering with other players in the AV industry to create a more reliable solution for custom installers. Specifically designed for the AV industry, TRXio provides a unique approach to inventory management and asset tracking. “As a former integrator, I saw a need for a software that allowed custom installers to keep track of their products during the entire lifecycle, including after they’re installed,” said Reid Hanson, CEO of TRXio. “It’s been a pleasure to work with Genesis Audio Limited and we’re pleased to have them as one of our valued customers. It’s fantastic for us to hear that John understands the value in our software, allowing integrators to be more informed and accountable for their inventory and valuable assets. We invite those that haven’t tried TRXio sign up for a free demo to learn more.”

TRXio is designed to allow users to track every piece of physical inventory – parts, products, tools – from the time it first enters inventory until it goes out to the customer. Being able to quickly and accurately assess inventory allows users to make more informed decisions, saving businesses money. Using QR codes and LiveQR technology by TRXio, businesses can utilize this built-in feature to ensure their customers continue to re-order from them by using a simple scan-and-go link for a specific product.

Founded in 1996 in Gahanna, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus, Genesis Audio Limited provides customers with top of the line custom audio and video solutions. With tens of thousands of products to account for, they understand the importance of tracking inventory throughout an entire lifecycle — from the minute it enters a showroom until its finds its forever home. “Prior to integrating TRXio, we used Sage or Peachtree since we opened our doors nearly 20 years ago,” said John Senters, president for Genesis Audio. “I didn’t feel that the software we were previously using was providing us with accurate inventory tracking and felt we needed to find a better solution. For years, we have settled for a larger margin of error, but now I don’t have to. We’ve been using TRXio for over five months now and we can surely see the difference in our inventory tracking and accountability, which is something that’s very important to me as a business owner, especially when you’re dealing with high-end custom installation solutions.”


A founding member in CEDIA and the BIA, Genesis Audio Limited understands the return on investment TRXio provides, allowing them to make more decisions for the business based on accurate data. “When we started using TRXio, I didn’t have huge expectations but I was impressed with how flexible and versatile the software is,” said Senters. “I didn’t think TRXio would do everything I wanted it to do, but now I’m able to expand my vision of how we can use it because of the powerful options it offers. We have already saved money by purchasing the software because I have accurate inventory information and we’re no longer purchasing things I already have in stock. In the few months we’ve been using TRXio, it has given me the information that I need to make more informed decisions to improve profitability of my business – more than ever before.”