Why a Label?

The “Label” is like a license plate that possesses the required interface information (barcode and QR Code) to link every item you want to track with TRXio.

You simply scan a label, no time consuming data entry is needed, allowing you and your staff to work quickly. Labels can be any size, and some sizes work better than others in different operations. TRXio supports standard label sizing, as well as works well with your custom label requirements.

Getting to Know TRXio Online

What is a License?

Defining a license, types of licenses, adding license, and scaling TRXio to your business!

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What is a User?

Defining a user, types of users, adding users, and defining your user permission levels!

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Before You Buy

Determining which TRXio license, and what training and support are needed, and more!
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Onboarding Steps

Basic overview and steps of getting started and using your TRXio account!

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