Tracking & Traceability

Inventory traceability

Inventory traceability, or “track and trace” technology allows businesses to know exactly where an individual product is at any given time and who handled it. It also offers the ability to boost profitability, increase employee accountability and reduce inventory loss.

  • You can turn data into usable information to make better, more profitable business decisions.
  • Creates a time-stamped, step-by-step process that includes information such as who handled the item along the supply chain.
  • Special tracking capabilities include kitting, master cartons, bulk items, geo-locations and more.
  • You’ll know exactly when your inventory has reached its final destination.
  • Provides your employees with the ability to associate notes and photos with an item, order, or project.
  • Real-time traceability on tasks, stages, and phases during management and movement of your inventory.
  • Know exactly where your products are, who has been handling them and how to increase the efficiency of your item movement processes.

Traceability offers customers timely information needed for them to buy again, schedule a service call or accurately describe the product they purchased from you. For more information on TRXio’s product traceability feature, contact us at 844-868-7225.

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