Accurate real-time optics!

TRXio offers a robust reporting function so users know where inventory items are at all times. TRXio allows you to know the who, what, where, when, why and how of your largest asset (inventory).

TRXio allows users to:

  • Access to accurate information on your inventory, projects and product items.
  • Notifies staff of stock levels of when to re-order new stock from suppliers.
  • Creates reports that allow for infinite ways to sort, segment and read your inventory asset data.
  • Ability to configure the reports to match your workflow and internal processes.

TRXio offers the following reports to provide inventory enlightenment:

  • Item Detail
  • Item Detail Extended
  • Order Summary
  • Picklist Summary
  • Daily Item Movement
  • Product Received
  • Product from Vendor
  • Product at Customer
  • Trace
  • Inventory at Location
  • Inventory Min/Max
  • Min/Max Summary
  • Items Needed
  • Verified Inventory
  • Product by Expiration
  • Lost Items
  • Deleted Items

For more information on TRXio’s reporting features, please contact us at 844-868-7225.

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