Movement Analytics

Accuracy through Traceability

When it comes to products coming and going, TRXio doesn’t just stop the ability to track an item once it has left your warehouse. It provides insight into more than just product receiving and internal location movement. Through traceability, TRXio allows you to know with accuracy where your products are, who has been handling them, and see how to increase the efficiency of your item movement processes. 

Additionally, the system notes who was responsible for movements or staging products once the product has left your facility. It also alerts users when a product has reached its final destination. Users in the field can add notes and photos to an item to communicate process completion, install quality, exception notations and item status.

TRXio offers the following:

  • Enhances your ability to act on and incorporate data into usable information to make better, more profitable business decisions.
  • Creates detailed information on the location and status of your products.
  • Provides your staff with the ability to associate notes and photos with an item, order, or project.
  • Helps you to better communicate at a moments notice, on project status, process completion, and sub tasks, giving you the opportunity to make exception notations and update an item’s condition.

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