Cycle Counting

Cycle count software to simplify tallying routines!

TRXio is inventory counting software that is often used as cycle count software. You will no longer have to expend hours of labor on evenings, weekends, or even be forced to close down your business temporarily to conduct cycle counting. TRXio, inventory counting software, makes cycle counting easy by allowing you to quickly and effectively conduct blind verifications and general audits. 

Here are a few benefits of TRXio’s cycle count software:

  • Never again worry about employee error, damaged materials, opening and resealing boxes, closing for business to count, or having to pay overtime.
  • Simplifies the arduous tasks of verifying your inventory.
  • Allows non-technical personnel to conduct blind audits quickly and effectively.
  • Customize your counts based on “current” inventory locations such as vans, trucks, or even sub-sections of a large warehouse.
  • Spot check any time to ensure minimal inventory shrinkage.

For more information on TRXio, or regarding finding the right cycle count software or inventory counting software for your warehouse or business, please contact us at 844-868-7225.

More Information on Cycle Count Software: