TRXio Expedition


TRXio Expedition Subscription

The Expedition Subscription is an enhanced license version of TRXio designed for the more complex or enterprise level organizations, that require expanded control over user access and have the need for more than one logical location or business use. 

Expedition Subscription level accounts have the framework for custom enhancements or extended API connections.  Similar to Team Subscriptions, the Expedition Subscription level includes five (5) initial users with the enhanced credential control that can manage all user access from one interface. 

Expedition level accounts are able to create additional networked locations to better manage the organizational needs as they evolve.

Working with TRXio Expedition

TRXio Expedition supports and works best for established businesses that have multiple locations or are organized and structured into separate business units.    Some examples of Expedition type businesses may include:

- Aviation Services (Airline, Freight & Logistics)

- Retail or Service Business (Chain)

- Manufacturing

- Commercial Services & Supply

- Construction & Engineering

- Defense (Products & Support)

- Shipping (Distributors & Delivery)

- Geo-Technical (Mining, Oil & Gas Production, etc)

- Health Care (Services, Products, & Equipment)

- Industrial (Testing)

- Info Tech (Wireless, Telecom, Hardware, etc)

- Utilities (Gas, Electric, & Water)


Delegate with accountability

In business today small changes are what can make or break an organization. TRXio has been designed from the ground up to foster growth with the help of systematization and accountability tools that are easier to use than to attempt to work around. In addition by separating or “silo” the products or assets into logical groups where users are able to keep focused on the tasks at hand. Management then has a vista of the entire organization at once.

Management is able to have credential based access to one or many licenses or groups. As the organization grows adding divisions or remote locations becomes easy to manage as notifications can be set to alert the proper staff to overages, items need or can highlight a positive or negative use of resources.