What Type of Inventory Management Software Does Your Business Need?

Typically when businesses know they have an inventory problem, the next step is researching what inventory management software will best fit their needs, and that’s when the adventure begins. Researching inventory management systems can be difficult due to the wide array of options available. To help simplify the process, we created general categories that inventory […]

Do You Need Inventory Management?

Business owners and operators are keenly aware that for every problem, there’s probably a software solution that claims to cure it. Of course there are plenty of tools most businesses accept as standard, like email or accounting software like Quickbooks, but as businesses digitize their workflows, the drawbacks of using email and accounting software beyond […]

What Should I Expect from an Inventory Management System?

Ask anyone who’s waited longer than they should to get prescription glasses, and they’ll probably describe the experience in terms of what their life was like before, and what it was like after. A theme will emerge, they didn’t realize how much they weren’t seeing. Similarly, if you’ve never incorporated an inventory management system into […]

What’s the Best Inventory Management System?

Ask Google that question and it’ll tell you there are at least 30. Ask your friends and you’ll get 20 more. Pretty frustrating when such a simple question ought to have an equally simple answer, right? The answer is woefully inadequate because you’re asking the wrong question. You should be asking, “What’s the best inventory […]


The Top 3 Reasons Inventory Management System Rollouts Fail

Take a deep breath…exhale slowly, and repeat your new mantra: “I need to implement a new software system.” If you’ve been through it before, your desk is probably well-stocked with antacids already (and if you haven’t, go ahead and get some now before you need them). In the entire history of mankind’s coexistence with digital […]


Be effective, not busy

 I hear Integrators talk all the time how they are “So busy”,  That is a statement that is good for talking to your grand mother but worthless in real life.  In my experience “busy” people are ineffective people.  This attached graphic says it all.  With all the tools available to be more efficient with running […]


Warranty Management and Why it’s Important

Initially a customer support initiative, warranty management’s role is expanding. As businesses reap increased benefits from warranty management, it is now an essential part of an organization’s revenue policy. More than that, it can potentially improve product quality and enhance business value through cost reduction. Let’s take a look at this critical business function.   […]


D-Tools and TRXio Host Webinar January 12th, 2017

D-Tools, Inc., the worldwide leader in data-driven system integration software, and TRXio, a state-of-the-art inventory management and asset-tracking solution for the AV industry, will host a webinar entitled “Improve Operational Efficiency with D-Tools and TRXio,” Jan 12, 2017 from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. EDT. The webinar will educate participants on how the new API integration between D-Tools […]


TRXio Announces Nationwide Presence with New Rep Firms

LITTLETON, Colo – September 6, 2016 —TRXio, an inventory management service powered by Cairnstack Software LLC., that’s specifically designed for the AV industry, announces their new rep firms throughout the United States, including Bishop Audio Sales, Convergence Marketing, Inc. Brand Rep, High Note Sales, Mike Pecar Sales, Sales and Marketing Inc., Comprehensive Brands, Digital Sales Group, Performance […]


TRXio Forms Alliance with VITAL MGMT for Business Intel

LITTLETON, Colo – August 24, 2016 — Cairnstack Software LLC provider of TRXio, an inventory management service that’s specifically designed for the AV industry, announces an alliance with VITAL MGMT, a proven provider of strategic business consulting for custom integrators. VITAL MGMT’s business intelligence system for custom integrators, Bi4Ci, will use the backbone and reliability of TRXio’s […]

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TRXio Launches Transshipping Solution for AV Manufacturers

LITTLETON, Colo – August 15, 2016 —TRXio, an inventory management service powered by Cairnstack Software LLC. that’s specifically designed for the AV industry, announces their asset-tracking solution for AV manufacturers. This new to the CE channel system allows them to track their products during their entire lifecycle, from warehouses to retailers and customers worldwide. Many manufacturers within […]

Simple Steps for Inventory Success

No matter what process you use to track your inventory here are some steps to help you along: 1. Set a protocol and clean up your database: The software you purchase or create will be will be the base of your management. Educate yourself on how the system works and how your business is ran […]

Succession Planning

None of us ever want to think of what will happen to our business or employees after we are gone. “Succession planning is kind of managerial task that company owners and general managers roll their eyes at, shuffle off to the side, and ignore to go work on something more urgent or exciting.” Lee Distad, rAVe Columnist (follow […]

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TRXio Inventory Flowchart

We have a saying at TRXio, mostly it’s an inside joke, “Words are hard!” Getting past the oh’s and so’s and um’s are challenging when you’re trying to explain how an inventory management software platform works. That’s why we made this inventory flowchart pictograph! In this pictograph we outline workflows that are easy to adopt using TRXio. So, green lines show receiving a […]

3rd Video-Manage Tab

For this entry, I’d like to show you our third video that covers some of the basics of using the TRXio system. The first showed how the enter brands, locations and other information; while the second showed how to enter your inventory into your account. This third video explains the next basic step: how to […]

2nd Video- Add Inventory Tutorial

In the previous video, we showed the first of many videos explaining how to use the TRXio system. That video covered the basics of setting up things like brands, sources, and internal locations. Once you’ve completed that step, you’re ready to start entering your inventory. Each step adds more information to your account and opens […]

Red Christmas gift box and baubles on background of defocused golden lights.

Happy Holidays and Reflect on your Time

One thing I enjoy about writing these blog entries is that it forces me to slow down and think. Too often we find ourselves going non-stop from the time we get up until our heads hit the pillow at night. It can be difficult to find time between the daily demands of family and work […]


Simply Reliable and TRXio Webinar

Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in a webinar with Tom Coffin and Chris Jaffe of Simply Reliable. It’s great to team up with Simply Reliable because our two companies soul goal is to help small businesses run their day to day operations efficiently. They do a great job of handling the proposal planning […]


The Power of QR Codes

I went to my son’s school recently for a project presentation. Their project was designing buildings for an area that would address certain environmental and economic concerns. The reason I bring this up is that each building in the diagram these groups set up had a QR code on top of it. We parents could […]


Why we make software and not videos…

Well CEDIA 2015 was a huge success for TRXio.  We won some awards for our inventory tracking software, reconnected with some great friends and made some key alliances.  In the coming months we will be making the our inventory management software platform connect to even more software solutions you already use.  We are not only making […]


Excite 2015 Award winning software

Technology Integrator is honored to present its annual EXC!TE Awards to the best products available to the industry this year. Each year, Technology Integrator invites nominations of products that stand out for being innovative, high-performing and solutions-oriented for the custom installation professional. TRXio stood out as particularly impressive, considering the unique challenges custom installers face every […]


“Best In Show” award at CEDIA

We are very excited to announce the CEDIA 2015 best in show award recipient by NewBay Media’s Residential Systems and TWICE.  The 2015 Best of Show Awards for CEDIA 2015, honoring outstanding products exhibited at the show. Manufacturers submitted products for nomination prior to arriving in Dallas, then a panel of anonymous professional integrator and journalist […]


Learning from giants; Following Amazon is not a bad thing.

NEW YORK (AP) — Amazon isn’t the only company that is using data on employees to improve productivity. A New York Times article over the weekend portrayed Amazon’s work culture as “bruising” and “Darwinian” in part because of the way it uses data to manage its staff. The article depicted a work culture where staffers […]


Why Cloud-Based Enterprise Resource Planning Benefits Your Business

Businesses, particularly manufacturers, are looking to the cloud for their enterprise resource planning. There are many benefits to using cloud-based ERP in your business, including efficiency, cost savings, and increased productivity.   Enhanced Visibility Cloud ERP helps to establish complete visibility of every stage of the supply chain management and manufacturing processes. Cloud-based ERP integrates […]


Big Data

There’s much wisdom in that saying, which has been attributed to both W. Edwards Deming and Peter Drucker, and it explains why the recent explosion of digital data is so important. Simply put, because of big data, managers can measure, and hence know, radically more about their businesses, and directly translate that knowledge into improved […]


Inventory Management

To properly manage operational costs and cash flow, selecting the right inventory management system is key. This is especially true for small businesses as proper inventory control is essential for growth and success.   No matter what inventory management tool is used, the goals include lowering operational costs, maximizing customer service, synchronizing supply and demand, and […]


The Cost of Scope Creep and How to Avoid it

As a project manager you probably have experienced the daunting task of interacting with unfocused customers, unable to see the risks involved in a project. Problems like these are prime catalysts for scope creep.   What is Scope Creep Every project is defined by a specific framework, known as the scope of work, which outlines […]


Three Tips for Better Inventory Management

Inventory management can make or break your business. Even though many business owners and managers find it complicated and confusing, following the fundamental principles of good inventory management can result in significant bottom-line savings. There are two fundamental principles:   You must have enough stock to meet market demands It must not tie up too […]


Best Business Practices for Small Businesses

To run your small business, must take care of even the smallest of details. This applies to every aspect, from hiring the right candidates and retaining employees to focusing on customer service and utilizing technology to manage projects better. The goal is to stay disciplined when making business decisions. As most business experts say, it’s […]


Cycle Counting Best Practices

Small entrepreneurs faced with limited resources can find various aspects of running a business challenging. Managing inventory manually and checking for inaccuracies can be an extremely time consuming task. While there are technology tools to help you manage inventory, it is also important to implement an in-house system of manual, physical stock counting. An ongoing […]


Inventory Management Helps with the Decline Stage

Whether due to spoilage, shifting marketplace trends, or advancements in technology, there comes a time in every product’s life when it hits the decline stage. In a product’s life cycle, the decline stage is defined as the period when sales or demand starts to level off or decrease. When a product has reached its shelf-life, […]


Manage Inventory Like a Boss

Any business with inventory should carefully consider its value, how it is managed, and what impact it has on their bottom line. This requires strict monitoring and control of what comes in and goes out on a weekly or even a daily basis. In addition, it requires solid process management, software and accountability. However, this […]


Read this if your Business has Inventory

In a service driven world, not every business has inventory. However, in the integration space, where we deal with products and equipment, most do. Managing inventory is much easier for those who are only selling a few products. For those with a larger number of items to sell, manual inventory is simply out of question. […]


Choosing A Data Driven Business = Profitability

Data sets, both big and small, are vital for answering critical questions and developing business strategies. Data offers the insights which help organizations analyze the market, and their position within it, to form better and more informed strategies and run profitably. For many small businesses, turning a blind eye to the details is much easier […]

Profit - Business Concept. Golden Compass Needle on a Black Field Pointing to the Word "Profit".

Tracking Your Progress to Profitability

Do you believe that revenue is the most important metric on a company’s financial statements? If so, you aren’t alone. For most companies, that belief is so strong that all of their focus is placed on increasing revenue. They believe that revenue can fix all business problems. Unfortunately, many businesses also struggle with problems that […]


Why even a Few Percent is Huge in Business

When it comes to discounting prices or increasing costs by a couple of percent, many companies don’t really baulk. Most businesses, especially highly profitable ones, tend to just go with the flow on those kinds of things. We’ve often hear, “No biggie – we will give them a 5 percent discount,” or we’ve been told […]


Who are these guys? Magicians!

Not unlike a magic show…but we don’t pull rabbits from a hat!   Our “magicians or code-masters” love managing cloud-based platforms and infrastructures. Their approach is always fun and lighthearted with plenty energy. PLUS…they are wicked smart! Their magic is in helping businesses identify losses, improve operational efficiencies, and enable cost saving benefits for increasing […]


Why Customers Stick with Their Software Provider

100% customer retention – it seems like a lofty goal, and you may be wondering if it is even possible to achieve in today’s competitive business world. This past year, PTI Print has had the privilege of retaining all of their customers for their produce label tracking and printing software, proving that the elusive 100% […]

The Details in the Data and What You Cannot See

Among many project managers and executives, the feeling of having things under control is common: they are well aware of all the moving parts and pieces and they can keep a track of the deadlines. That is, until something gets missed. It happens all the time. Especially for small businesses that rely somewhat heavily on […]

Building a Culture of Accountability

Successful corporate teams cannot exist without a certain level of accountability. While guaranteed performance and work accountability go hand-in-hand, accountability begins with the understanding of the basics and how we move ahead with concepts, verbal communications, and activities gaining a full understanding of our role in the organization. For companies doing project work for a […]

4 Tips to More Profitable Project

When it comes to assessing the success or failure of an integration project, it’s all too common to draw your conclusion based on the revenue. But, if you want your integration projects to be truly profitable, you should look beyond revenue. In fact, fast-changing technology has made the AV industry a challenging area with product […]

Benefits of QR Codes

Are you still utilizing barcodes for inventory management and relying on outdated systems? Do you have a sense that there is a better way and perhaps a more cost effective solution? You’re right. The answer lies in the utilization of QR codes and the right software.   Many people think of QR codes as a […]